Apple Cider Vinegar - What is the Mother?



To get the full array of benefits that come with the use of apple cider vinegar (ACV), you’ll want to find a form of it that includes the mother.

What’s the Mother?

When ACV is made, it’s a two-step process that consists of first adding yeast to apple juice. When this is done, this breaks down the juice’s sugars to turn them into alcohol. From there, bacteria is added to the mixture, turning the alcohol into acetic acid.

This bacteria added to ACV is known as the mother, since it’s what helps create the vinegar. Since this gives ACV a cloudy appearance, many people refuse to buy it since they think it’s gone bad - even though the mother is the healthiest part of it!

What’s So Important About It?

Within the mother are DOZENS of good bacteria strains, aka probiotics. Probiotics help balance out the bacteria levels in your gut, keeping it and your digestive system running smoothly. They’re also helpful for the immune system, helping keep up a healthy balance to prevent sickness.

Also contained in the mother are enzymes. These are compounds that are essential when it comes to breaking down foods to allow the body to use its nutrients. Enzymes are usually destroyed in cooking, and raw ACV is a good way to make up for that. 

Raw ACV has been shown to have beneficial effects such as helping the body to maintain normal blood sugar levels, increase insulin sensitivity, and suppress appetite to help people lose weight!

Should I Even Bother With Pasteurized ACV?

Pasteurized ACV does not contain the mother, so many of the benefits you would get from it are nonexistent. However, acetic acid has many antimicrobial properties, so pasteurized ACV can make a great household cleaner or rinse for hair. However, an organic ACV will be much better for ingestion than pasteurized.

How Do I Know If I Have the Right Kind of ACV?

Depending on what container the ACV comes in, it’s very easy to tell whether or not it contains the mother just by looking at it - if it’s cloudy in appearance, it has the mother inside. You can also look at the label to see. Pasteurized ACV has always had the mother removed. 

We recommend using organic ACV whenever possible since it contains more good bacteria and is usually completely free of pesticides that are found on non-organic apples. 

If you’re looking for an easy to ingest form of ACV that contains the mother and all its beneficial probiotics and nutrients, look no further than our Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother capsules! 

These capsules are made with 100% natural ACV and the mother consisting of proteins, enzymes, and probiotics!


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