Best Probiotics for Women's Health - When They Will Be Your New Best Friend

Problems with allergies, asthma, skin, weight gain, IBS, digestion, bloating, headaches, yeast infection? What does your gut tell you? You’re in need of probiotics!

Women in our modern world are confronted with loads of stress, unhealthy diet, lack of mineral, vitamins and active nutrients, insufficient sleep, and many health problems.

Our diet consists of tons of refined sugar, oil, and flour, hormone-filled milk and dairy, unhealthy fats, chemical additives, colorants and preservatives which are toxic and harmful to women’s body. Adding the use of antibiotics, hormonal pills, and other strong medication, your body is a total mess. Women’s gut flora, a friendly environment created by the wisdom of the body, is destroyed and turned into a toxic mass.

What is Gut Flora, Why is it Important?

Imagine tiny friendly creatures that populate your intestines, like the little lemmings living in the tunnels? These are the friendly bacteria in your gut, hard workers that keep the place clean, healthy, balanced, with the right pH level.

When sugar, bad fat, white flour, additives, antibiotics, synthetic hormones, and other chemical little soldiers invade in large number your digestive system, and the good bacteria guards in your gut can’t manage the overload of the enemy’s armies, your health collapses. The good bacteria is outnumbered by the bad bacteria.

Symptoms Your Lacking Probiotics in Your Gut

Your body can give you some hints that it needs probiotics. If you have these following symptoms, it means you should be ready to supplement your gut with some new good probiotics fighters:

Check It with a Test

Ask your doctor for a test. You can check the state of your bacterial flora in your gut with digestive stool analysis and allergy panel. Test your yeast sensitivity and possible parasites, too.

Know that whenever you take antibiotics, you should support your gut with probiotic and/or supplements.

The Gut Flora, Hormones and Metabolism Axis

The friendly bacteria in your gut processes and recycles the hormones in your body (estrogen, thyroid hormones, phytoestrogens from food) to maintain the hormonal balance, keep your bones strong, and protect your breast and genital health.

Yeast Infections and Gut Health

Candida albicans, the most known yeast bacteria that is so demonized and considered an enemy of women, especially, is actually a normal, friendly bacteria that, in normal numbers, helps your gut’s health. Only when an imbalance occurs in your system (too much sugar, oil, and white flour, for example) it begins to overgrow and produce havoc.

Also, the acidity in your whole body increases, making your vagina acidic, too, causing an overgrowth of candida in that moist medium, too. You all know what happens, right? Itchiness, redness, inflammation, swollen tissue, pain, and a whitish discharge. Your whole health is affected, your sex life is affected, your libido is affected, and ultimately, your self-esteem and self-worth are affected, too.

Maybe it’s hard to believe at first, but your pH can change from things like an acidic soap, wearing synthetic and tight underwear, stress, emotional rollercoaster, sedentary lifestyle, sexual intercourse, menstruation, tampon use, pregnancy, and menopause.

Probiotics are Women’s Best Friends

What can a diamond on your finger do for your health? Not much. Unless it’s magic. However, Probiotics may worth more than it, when it comes to women’s overall health.

They help rebalance the gut flora, restore the friendly bacteria/bad bacteria ecosystem, boost metabolism, improve the immune system, improve the digestion system, restore the hormonal balance, help you shed the unhealthy weight from your body.

What Probiotics are the Best?

Fermented foods like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha, pickles are the best and most natural form of probiotics. Make sure they are raw, lacto-fermented and unpasteurized so that the bacteria is alive and active (not dead and useless).

Diversity is the key to a striving health in terms of probiotics supplements. The more live cultures of bacteria per gram, the better (at least 10 billion live cultures). Also, the more active strains the product contains the better (at least 2 different strains). Probiotics such as Lactobacillus, Acidophilus, and Bifidobacterium are the best.

Natural probiotic supplements such as NutriFlair Probiotic Supplements, with 50 Billion CFU and 10 different strains of friendly active bacteria are ready to help you regain your health as a woman. The capsules are vegan, are manufactured in the USA, in an FDA approved facility, and is all natural.