Let’s Talk About Ceylon Cinnamon Supplements

ceylon cinnamon sticks

Without a doubt, Ceylon cinnamon supplements are one of our most sought after capsules that we sell. And considering their reputation, it’s no surprise that we get such demand for them. Let’s take a look at what Ceylon Cinnamon is and why people take it in supplement form.

Where Is Ceylon Cinnamon From?

Ceylon cinnamon is from the island nation of Sri Lanka, just off the coast of India. Sri Lanka is home to more than 20,000,000 people, many of whom work in the food processing, tourism, telecommunications, and textile industries. It’s is also well known for its tea, rice, coffee, rubber, and sugar exports, not to mention Ceylon cinnamon.

Why Is Ceylon Capitalized?

There’s actually no place called Ceylon — it’s not a region or city or town — so why is it capitalized? Well, there was a place called Ceylon, and it was the entirety of Sri Lanka! During British colonialism, from 1802 until 1948, it was known as Ceylon, a word that can be loosely translated as meaning “serendipity.”

What Is Cinnamon?

Most of us have had cinnamon in our spice racks all of our lives, but we seldom think of where it comes from. Cinnamon is a spice that is taken from the inner bark of a dozen or so trees in the genus Cinnamomum. It has been used as a spice for more than 5,000 of recorded history and was certainly used long before that. Cinnamon was one of the most coveted of all spices; a pound could be worth a year’s wages to the average Roman soldier.

The Western world had a great appetite for cinnamon, but traders from the east often tried to conceal its source in order to maintain monopolies. It was (and is) not only used as a flavoring but also as incense.

Why Is Ceylon Different?

Ceylon cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka. It is what is known as “true cinnamon,” or “Sri Lanka cinnamon,” scientifically known as Cinnamomum verum. Ceylon cinnamon is lighter in color and flakes more easily than other cinnamon; it also has a lighter taste and a deeper aroma.

Most cinnamon used in cooking is Cassia cinnamon. Baked cinnamon rolls use Cassia because of the deeper taste, and it also holds up better to the heat food experiences during cooling. Cassia cinnamon is the type of cinnamon you’ll find in sticks that has to be ground.

Why Do People Take Ceylon Cinnamon Pills?

Cinnamon, specifically Ceylon cinnamon, has been used in traditional medicine for millennia. Today most people take cinnamon capsules for diabetes, regulating their blood sugar. Others use it to help with high blood pressure, and other find that it helps reduce obesity. Others use it to reduce inflammation and avoid joint pain, and it can work as a powerful antioxidant. While such claims have not been verified by the FDA, many people swear by the health benefits of Ceylon cinnamon pills and have for centuries.

How Much Should You Take?

We truly believe that the amount we put into our Ceylon cinnamon pills, 1200 milligrams of Cinnamomum verum, is the proper amount for an adult. Our bottles contain 120 capsules of the best cinnamon supplements available, providing two month's worth of benefits.

When Should You Take Ceylon Supplements?

We recommend taking one serving (two capsules) about twenty to thirty minutes before eating a meal. Drink a full glass of water with them to facilitate digestion of the veggie capsules.

We’ve done everything we can to make the best cinnamon supplements around. We truly hope you’ll give them a try and discover why cinnamon has been used in medicine for so long. Find out more about them here!