Why Do People Take Supplements?

Including vitamins and minerals, the supplement business is a multi-billion dollar industry. So it’s pretty obvious that people are seeing results from the supplements they take, enough to keep buying turmeric curcumin pills, Ceylon cinnamon supplements, and many other high-quality supplements again and again.

Of course, not everyone is taking supplements for the same reason. Today we’re going to take a look at a few of the reasons that people are so interested in health supplements online.

Their Diet Doesn’t Provide What They Need

One of the most popular reasons that people take supplements is that they aren’t getting everything they need from their diet. For instance, vegans often aren’t getting enough B12 in their diets and might also be low on iron, zinc, and vitamin D. Those who are on a low salt diet might want to consider a thyroid health supplement like our Thyroid Support.

It’s not just those who have decided to not eat animal byproducts or those who are on physician-restricted diets who are in need of supplements. Sometimes it’s people who have cut out specific foods because a specific diet tells them to do so, or are burning through the vitamins and minerals their body needs because they’re working out so hard. Either way, pharmaceutical-grade supplements are a great way to get those nutrients back into your body.

They Don’t Want To Overload On Calories

Let’s say you’re looking to boost your vitamin C, so you eat five large oranges. Well, now you have a bunch of vitamin C...but you also have nearly 500 additional calories! It’s possible to gain weight on anything that has calories, no matter how good it is for you. If you wanted to get the amount of probiotics that are found in some yogurts, you’d have to eat many containers of it to equal the 50 billion CFU that you’ll find in a single serving our of our probiotic supplements. (And on top of that, those on a vegan diet or who are lactose intolerant can’t eat the yogurt in the first place). So instead of eating the supplement in their raw form, which is very distasteful to many people and can pack on the calories, instead try them in supplement form.

Something’s Just Not Right

You’re probably familiar with the reasons that people take the types of supplements that we sell here at Nutriflair. Saw palmetto is often taken to help the prostate, horny goat weed is taken by those looking to increase libido, and people take Garcinia Cambogia as a weight loss supplement. When something just isn’t right in your body, you go searching for a natural way to fix it.

While we can’t directly claim that any of these supplements work for those particular ailments, we will point out that in most cases humans from all over the world have been using them as medicines for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Nothing Else Is Working

Again, we’re not going to tell you that these supplements are a medicine. But people are often looking for something that traditional medicines can’t give them, so they turn to supplements. Why not try a high-quality supplement that many people swear by? Now we’re not saying that you should stop doctor prescribed medicine, and you should discuss changes to your diet with your doctor. But if you’re looking for a natural way to deal with problems and your doctor is good with it, give supplements a try.

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