Why Do People Use Detox Cleanse Pills?

Going on a cleanse is an ancient tradition that can be found in cultures around the world. And while it’s certainly not for everyone, many people have discovered the many benefits that cleansing your colon can have.

If you’re not familiar with cleanses, we’re more than happy to help answer a few questions that come up about them and how our psyllium husk pills are the right choice for most people. Cleaning out the country’s colon is a dirty subject, but we’re ready to talk about it!

Why Do Most People Do It?

So, what is a cleanse, and why are so many people interested in “resetting” their system? The general theory most people adhere to is that a cleanse helps to clean out the colon of foods that might not pass through properly and attach to the colon walls, festering there. Such foods become toxic, and, the colon being the absorption king of all of the organs, pulls those toxins into the bloodstream. This theory is called autointoxication.

What Are People Trying To Avoid?

Certainly, people want to get that gunk out of their bodies so that the waste doesn’t build up and cause toxic problems. But they’re also interested in expelling parasites and anything else that might be messing with their digestive system.

A colon cleanse is also a great way to feel less bloated. Many people enjoy the process because they’re feeling free from all of the junk they were carrying around with them, which can certainly increase their energy levels.

What Methods Are Used?

There are two common methods that people choose when they are interested in cleansing the colon. The first is a direct flushing of the colon with the use of colonics or enemas. The second is through the use of laxatives, which come in both stimulant and non-stimulant varieties. The non-stimulant version is what we offer with our psyllium husk and- cascara sagrada pills.

Why You Might Choose Detox Cleanse Pills

There’s are two huge reasons why many people decide to go with detox cleanse pills instead of the alternative, and you can find them both under the previous header: those reasons are enema and colonic. Some people simply aren’t interested in having water forced into their colon, and...we’ll, we understand! Instead, they’re more interested in an approach that helps the colon work with the help of fiber and other natural ingredients, causing the digestive system to work more efficiently.

What Can’t Be Argued With

Not everyone agrees that cleanses are necessary, but there’s one thing that can’t be argued: Americans don’t defecate enough. They’re not getting the fiber they need, and that leads to an increase of colon cancer. It’s important to keep your bowel movements regular and healthy. On top that, a high-fiber diet is good for the heart.

What You Should Keep Doing

Eat healthy. Because the food you eat doesn’t stay in our system as long when you’re on detox cleanse pills, your colon won’t have as long to absorb the vitamins and minerals you put into your body. Take a multivitamin to ensure you have the best chance of absorbing a proper amount of nutrients. Make sure that what you’re putting in your body is healthy, such as leafy greens, fruits, and lean meats. Oh, and remember to stay hydrated; when your stools are looser, you’re losing more water.

What We Offer

If you’re not interested in water irrigation of your colon but are still interested in cleaning our your system, these cascara sagrada and psyllium husk pills are a great option. All you have to do is take one or two pills with a glass of water at bedtime, and continue to do so for 15 days. Because it’s such an effective treatment, we recommend you don’t do so again for six to eight weeks.

The fact is, the idea of colon cleanses continues to stick around for a very good reason: people feel better afterward. So instead of paying someone $100 to fill you up with water (repeatedly), why not try something a bit more gentle, something that can be accomplished in your own home. Our all-natural high-quality supplements can give you exactly what you’re looking for. Try it for 15 days and we’re sure you’ll understand why so many people swear by our colon cleanse pills!