Why Is Cinnamon Good For You?

Cinnamon is a potent spice that delivers a delicious flavor kick to a wide variety of foods. You may be familiar with its use in coffee cake, oatmeal, cereal, as well as various stews, tagines, snickerdoodles, French toast...the list could be increased ad infinitum. Cinnamon is enjoyed across various cultures around the world in many types of food.

One particular type of cinnamon -ceylon cinnamon- has been shown to support the body in ways beyond simply tasting delicious. Ceylon cinnamon has a lighter color and more delicate flavor than common cinnamon -cinnamon cassia- and hosts a number of common health benefits, including:

  • Supporting healthy blood pressure. All cinnamon varieties have cinnamic acid in their properties, which has anti-inflammatory effects. Research dating back to clinical trials conducted in 1975 shows that ceylon cinnamon in particular helps fight high blood pressure because it supports cardiovascular function. Improved heart function leads to improvements in blood pressure. 
  • Improving how the brain responds to insulin. This makes ceylon cinnamon helpful in preventing Alzheimer’s disease and various other neurological conditions. Ceylon cinnamon may also help regulate blood glucose levels in the brain. When blood glucose levels in the brain are too high (hyperglycemic), this can contribute to cognitive decline. Cinnamon contains properties that ensure the brain’s blood glucose levels are well regulated.
  • Cancer-fighting enzymes. Ceylon cinnamon is home to a host of enzymes that function as powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial effects. While this proves that cinnamon bolsters your immune system, at least one study has shown that the antioxidant effects of ceylon cinnamon may help prevent or treat certain types of cancer.
  • Potential for diabetes treatment. As we have seen, ceylon cinnamon has shown promising effects on regulating insulin in the brain. It also can help regulate insulin in the body, so much so that it is considered an alternative treatment for diabetes mellitus. Cinnamon stimulates insulin-like activity, so it helps to reduce insulin resistance in the body, and helps to better metabolize glucose in the liver. A therapeutic dose of at least 120mg per day of ceylon cinnamon must be taken if it is to be used as a helpful insulin substitute.

Ceylon cinnamon clearly confers a number of considerable health benefits to humans. This fragrant, spicy substance can do much more for you that simply jazz up a flavorless recipe! We think we’re only beginning to see the amazing effects of this incredible spice. 

It’s important to consider the source when you’re purchasing cinnamon, as well. Ceylon cinnamon comes from Sri Lanka and to be utilized to its fullest value, should be harvested organically. At Nutriflair we only put organic ceylon cinnamon into our capsules to ensure maximum potency. We’re sure you’ll love their delicate flavor as they are, but if you want to open up the capsules to sprinkle a little cinnamon on your toast, cereal or oatmeal, go right ahead! They are delicious additions to many types of food.

We hope you’ll contact us about our organic ceylon cinnamon capsules soon!