8 Incredible Health Benefits of Dairy-Free Diets

Do you often feel bloated, heavy, weak, low in energy, foggy-headed or unable concentrate? These are strong symptoms of dairy-intolerance, and it's a surprisingly common condition. Dairy intake can also induce gastrointestinal problems, weight gain, sinus congestion, frequent colds and flu, allergies, asthma, eczema, and acne!

So if your regularly consuming dairy products, while suffering from a number of these issues, you should definitely try going dairy-free to see if your body responds positively. 

Many others have reported looking and feeling fantastic by a change as simple as going dairy free. It's perfectly safe, easy to perform and is likely to offer you a whole host of health benefits. So why not try it out yourself?

What is the Dairy-free Diet?

As the name suggests it's pretty simple to implement, so long as you have the willpower to stay committed. You need to kiss goodbye to cheesy pizzas, cheese stuffed sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, milk, yogurts, but it'll be worth it!

Start by clearing your fridge and pantry of all dairy products: cheese, milk, yogurt, butter, cottage cheese, cream cheese, sour cream.

Next, you'll need to get rid of all products containing dairy, such as pudding, ice cream, casein, powder milk, etc. 

To so this diet justice you'll need to be careful and read food labels, dairy may weak be a hidden ingredient.

8 Incredible Health Benefits of Dairy-Free Diets

1. Greatly Improved Digestion 

That’s one of the first effects you’ll notice, within the first week of ditching dairy. Before, your digestive system was struggling to break down sugar and carbohydrates, suffered from the irritable bowel syndrome, fought the overload of unfriendly bacteria in your guts as a result of dairy fermentation.

Especially if you have lactose intolerance, allergies and a sensitive gastrointestinal system, you suffered from bloating, cramps, gas, nausea, and difficulty digesting food.

Not anymore. Say goodbye to all these uncomfortable problems and welcome your new happy, slim, flat tummy that easily digests food and has a good intestinal transit.

2. Decreased Congestion

Whether it was your sinuses, your throat, your respiratory system, you had congestions, too much mucus, difficulty breathing, frequent respiratory problems, asthma.

The culprit of this congestion and overproduction of mucus is milk (and dairy products), as studies show. So, actually, it’s not the cold weather that triggers respiratory diseases, in your case, but milk and dairy consumption.

When you stop eating dairy, all these problems disappear gradually, as weeks pass by. You will notice that you breathe better, the sticky mucus decreases until it disappears completely, your asthma attacks diminish, your sinus congestion disappears.

3. Clearer Complexion

Now that you breathe freely, you can smile, too. Milk has been linked to triggering acne and other skin problems, such as eczema, psoriasis, or dry skin. If you struggled with acne for years, now you know why.

Ditch not only the dairy products but your many acne-covering and acne-killer cosmetic products from your bathroom, as you will no need them anymore. The equation is simple: no more milk, no more acne breakouts.

Smile, your face will begin to look better and better. Your complexion glows with health and purity.

4. Regained Senses

The chronic mucus coverage in your nostrils, throat, and tongue slowly decreased the acuity of your main senses.

As you avoid dairy, you will notice how your sense of smell and tastes improves. Now you can enjoy life and food better and smell the roses, literally.

5. Slimmer Waistline

Bloating, digestive problems, mucus accumulation, discontentment of how you looked, were triggered by dairy products intake. All that made you gain weight, even if you tried hard to adjust it.

As you drop milk and dairy from your diet, you will see how your waste line comes back to normal, without doing much effort. You feel light, happy, and freed by the psychological and social pressure linked to weight.

6. Relief From Allergies

Rhinitis, hay fever, allergic asthma, food allergies are caused by milk and dairy products. How? Casein and whey are identified by your immune system as dangerous, immediately releasing immunoglobulin E (IgE), which is an antibody that neutralizes the potential allergens. Histamines are also released, which starts cohorts of allergic chain reactions in your body.

When you take out dairy products from your diet, your immune system relaxes and allergies stop.

7. Boosted Energy Levels

Milk contains copious amounts of tryptophan, an amino acid which decreases your energy levels, makes you feel weak, tired, moody, and foggy-minded.

Getting rid of dairy will help you get rid of these unhappy symptoms and raise your energy levels, to a state of wellbeing and strength.

8. Decreased Risk of Cancer

Many studies and research have discovered and proved that dairy products increase the risk of cancer, especially colon cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer.

A diet consisting of fruits and vegetables, with less meat, and without ANY dairy products has been shown to decrease the risk of cancer.

What Are the Healthy Alternatives to Dairy?

Now that you've given dairy the boot, what are you going to fill the void with? Luckily, there is no need to mourn over your cheese and milk, there are a number of far healthier alternatives to choose from!

Goat milk is a common substitute that is actually very similar to the human milk, and therefore, easily assimilated by our body.

If it's not quite to your taste or your are a vegan, you might consider vegetable milk from almonds, coconut, cashew, sesame, rice, pecan, walnuts, sunflower seeds, etc.